Rules & Regulations


Dress Code

The recommended Dress Code is Smart Casual.  Therefore, for gentlemen we strongly recommend collared tee/shirts, trousers and covered shoes/covered back strap sandals. Ladies are allowed in any attire, both Western and Indian, that are appropriate for public spaces.

Formal Western attire for men – suit/jacket and tie – is required for some formal events. Traditional formal Indian attire for men including dhooti & punjabi, dhoti or close-fitted pyjamas and kurta, along with appropriate footwear are welcome at all times and everywhere in the club.

Jeans for both gentlemen and ladies are now allowed in the Nagraj Bar, Dining Hall, Reynolds Room on Sundays and Holidays till 5 pm. Casualwear like jeans, shirts without collars and sneakers are allowed at the Oriental Room, Coastal Cuisine, Sports Lounge and the Sports Bar at all times.

Gentlemen are requested to avoid the following in Public (Party) Rooms, Sports Lounge and all rooms on the first floor of the club: Any type of shirt or vest without a collar, chappals/sandals with or without straps (except when worn with dhoti and punjabi or churidar/kurtas), Aligarhi (loose) pyjamas, shorts and jeans except as noted above.

Please do not appear attired in untidy or inappropriate clothing or barefoot anywhere in the Club.

Usage of the Club by Members Children:

Members and guests are welcome to bring their children of all ages to both lunch and dinner in the Oriental Room and the Coastal Cuisine restaurant on all days. Children above eight years are also allowed for dinner on all days and lunch in the Main Dining Room on Saturdays, Sunday and Holidays. Children below 21 years are not allowed in the Nagraj Bar, Reynolds Room & Sports Bar.

Dependent members are allowed to avail all the facilities in the Ground floor including the Sports Bar. However for facilities above the Ground Floor they have to be accompanied by their parents. Also dependent children over sixteen years may use the Library facility on production of a valid ID proof.

Regulations related to Private Parties & Banquets:

  • Any member in whose name the banquet was reserved must be physically present except under dire circumstances.
  • Guests are expected to be polite and considerate of others
  • Music is allowed in parties. The club reserves the right to turn down or even stop the music if found to be too loud or disturbing members in other areas.
  • Parties lasting beyond 11:00 pm will attract additional charges as applicable
  • Members are requested not to offer or give any employee of the club any sum of money or gratuity upon any pretence whatsoever, unless the same is in relation to a party given by such member and should be added to the bill. If any member is found to be giving such money or gratuity, the general committee may resolve that the name of such member be removed from the register of members of the club and such member shall thereupon cease to be a member of the club. Any employee found to be soliciting or accepting any money or gratuity from any member shall be forthwith liable to suitable disciplinary action.


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