Members Zone

Rules & Regulations

Dress Regulations

The Following types of dresses for members, dependents and guests are not permitted in the Reynolds Room, Nagraj Bar, Terrace Room, Dining Hall and public (party) Rooms at any time:

  1. Any type of shirt or vest without collar is not allowed.
  2. Strapless chappals / sandals except when worn with dhoti and Punjabi (kurta).Rubber Chappal / sandals are not allowed.
  3. Kurta of any kind except when worn with dhoti or with churidar pajamas are allowed. Loose or Alighieri pajamas and shorts are not permitted.
  4. Jeans-both for ladies and gents, except on Sundays and holidays till 5 pm.

Members, dependents or guests may not appear attired in untidy or inappropriate clothing or barefoot anywhere in the Club.

Club Policy

  1. Light music may be allowed at the discretion of the Club. Club will reserve the right to reduce volume / shut off music if required.
  2. Conduct of Guest should be in line with the Club Tradition / Ethos.
  3. Parties lasting beyond 11pm will attract additional charges which will be applicable.
  4. It is compulsory for the Member making the party booking to be physically present at the party.
  5. No Member shall offer to give any employee of the Club any sum of money or gratuity upon any pretence whatsoever, unless the same is in relation to a party given by such member should be added to the bill of the member. If any member is found to be giving such money or gratuity, the Committee may resolve that the name of such Member be removed from the Register of Members of the Club and such member shall thereupon cease to be a member of the Club. Any employee found to be soliciting or accepting any money or gratuity from any member shall be forthwith liable to suitable disciplinary action.