President’s Message

President's Message

Mr Jayanti Prasad Khaitan


23rd July, 2023

Dear Members,

Your Committee considers it an honour and a privilege that you have thought fit to repose faith and trust in it to run the Club on your behalf for the next year. Your Committee humbly accepts the responsibility bestowed upon it and will make every effort to meet your expectations.

As I mentioned at our Annual General Meeting, my first task will be to ensure that the heritage structure which welcomes us every time and provides us great comfort, warmth and joy is well looked after.

Second, those entrusted with the duty to run the Club need to be aware of every concern of every member. A Committee will be put in place to be chaired by the President for the time being to address Members’ concerns. Every concern communicated by every Member will be attended to by this Committee.

It will be the earnest endeavour of your Committee that you should find your Club so inviting as to come back to it more and more.

The above being the objectives, the different activities of your Club will be looked after by the Sub-Committees as below:

No Chairperson Sub-Committee
1 Sumit Ray Membership
2 Manoj Mohanka Food
3 Avijit Mukerji Finance & Accounts AND Bar
4 Arunabha Deb Entertainment
5 Rudra Chatterjee Administration & Staff Welfare
6 Ratnanko Banerji Legal AND Chambers
7 Partha Ranjan Das Library
8 Dr Nandini Ray Communications & IT
9 Subrata Roy Environment, Sustainability & Projects
10 Afroze Randerian Procurement
11  Dr Sandip Chatterjee Special Bi-Centennial Year

The Chairpersons (other than Membership) will be inviting members to constitute the different Sub-Committees.

Should any of you be interested in helping in the Club’s work, please do write to the concerned Chairperson or to me.

Please do continue to enjoy the facilities of your Club as you have in the past. I am available should you require me at any time.

With my very best wishes,

Jayanti Prasad Khaitan



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