The Bengal Club

The Bengal Club

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President's Message

President's Message

Dear Members,

At the outset let me express my warmest wishes for this festive season to all of you and your family members. May God bless you with good health, peace and happiness.

History of the Club

History of the Club

The Bengal Club, founded 187 years ago on February 1, 1827, is the oldest surviving club of its kind in India, the second being The Madras Club, founded in 1831. In fact, The Bengal Club is reckoned amongst the oldest clubs in the world along with such famous London Clubs as Oriental (1824), The Athenaeum (1824), The Oxford and Cambridge (1830), The Garrick (1831), The Carlton (1832) and The Reform (1837).

Past Presidents

Past Presidents

Lt. Col Finch, CB
Sir Charles Metcalfe, GCB
Maj. Gen Sir Willoughby Cotton
Rt. Hon Earl of Ellenborough
Sir JP Grant
Sir James Colville
Sir Arthur Buller
Henry Ricketts, CS

Membership Guidelines

Membership Guidelines


The Bengal Club exists primarily to provide high quality club facilities to individuals with a standing in society, for socialising, dining, relaxing, entertaining, edifying and interacting with peers at a central location in an ambience that combines traditional graciousness with contemporary comforts ~ conveniences, amenities and facilities. The Club also provides furnished residency and business centre services for the use of Members and their Guests. All at reasonable costs.
This guide, outlining the Club’s policy, protocol and procedure for selecting and electing new members, aims to safeguard the quality of the Club's membership. Induction of new members rests with the Membership Subcommittee insofar as screening, previewing and selecting and with the Committee for electing new membership candidates.
Though the guide is designed to be a permanent document, it is a living one. It may be updated, expanded and enhanced as required from time to time after due consideration.

Policy & Protocol

1. A Membership Application Form will be issued after receiving and screening a completed proposal in the prescribed form from a member of five years’ standing and, where applicable, checking the background of· the organisation to which the candidate belongs. The overriding question at this stage should be: Is this candidacy consistent with the Club’s core character and concomitant with its mission? A Member may not propose or second more than four candidates during the annual tenure of a Committee.


Epar-Opar Bangla

14th May 2016

Darts Championship 2016

11th May 2016

Ladies' Cocktail

7th May 2016

BC Members' English Play

6th May 2016

Tagore and Shakespeare

22nd Apr 2016

The Bengal Club Limited

1/1, Russell Street
Kolkata - 700071


EPABX - Board
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Jishnu Pratap Ray
40205 104
Brig. Gunamoy Das (Retd.)
40205 170
Manager - Administration
Ashim Kumar Ghosh
40205 105
Manager - Food & Banquet
Sunit Kumar Mondal
40205 200
Manager - Chambers & Banquet
Monorama Roychowdhury
40205 121
Asst. Manager - Finance
Sudipta Mahapatra
40205 108
Manager - Systems
Projjwal Bhattacharyya
40205 107
Asst. Manager - Systems
Gurudas Mitra
40205 117
Asst. Manager - Member & Guest Relations
Subir Paul
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Secretary to CEO
Lesley Willis
40205 102
Sebanti Sengupta
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